Wednesday, March 4, 2009

1A - My Monhegan skiff

I'll tell the full story when I get the facts straight, launch it in Maine, and have some time to tell the tale.  The short of it is I just closed the deal on Sherm's skiff - an 11 foot Monhegan skiff that I bought from the kind folks at Carpenter's Boatshop in Pemaquid.

It will spend summers on the Back River, behind our cottage in Friendship.

The green one is mine - 1A. (story to follow)

The other shot is to demonstrate a Monhegan skiff in action on Monhegan.  Good for two men and a 50 lb barrel of bait.  I won't carry that much bait - but I will carry 60 lbs of Labrador Retriever.

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