Saturday, July 4, 2020

Cassius Costello Zollo - first sail

The Vendee Arctique - has started

The Vendee Arctique.
A social distancing extravaganza. Twenty boats, twenty sailors, Les Sable D'Olonnes, France to Iceland and back.
Single handed, no outside assistance permitted.  A qualifying race for the Vendee Globe - solo, unassisted, around the world.
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Tuesday, June 30, 2020

Monday, June 29, 2020

Maine: Images of the Pine Tree State - The Atlantic

Maine: Images of the Pine Tree State - The Atlantic

Racial Fault-lines in “Baseball’s Great Experiment:” Black Perceptions, White Reactions

Racial Fault-lines in “Baseball’s Great Experiment:” Black Perceptions, White Reactions

by Henry D. Fetter  Transatlantica (2011)

This paper examines three facets of the breaking of major league baseball’s color line by Jackie Robinson of the Brooklyn Dodgers in 1947: the perception of blacks, the response of white players (whether teammates or opponents), and the reaction of baseball fans. By so doing, the paper will illuminate the fault-lines that characterized race relations within both the sport of baseball and the larger society as each was confronted with new challenges to long established policies and practices in the years after the Second World War.

Sunday, June 28, 2020

The Lost Lamb - Abigail Washburn

在那遥远的故乡 (In that fǎr dìstant land I cāll home) 我失落了一个古老的梦 (I lost the ancient dream) 一个忧伤的梦 (A sorrowful dream) 在那养育我的地方 (In that place that raised me) 我分辨不了暮色和晨光 (I cannot dìscern the growing shadows of dúsk and first light of day) 我厌倦了沉没和思想 (I've wearied in the silence and searching) 风南吹有转向北方 (Wind blows sōuth and turns again north) 江河本海,海却不涨 (Rìvérflows to the sea, yět the sea does not rìsè) 我心满了愁城 (My heart is filled with melancholy) 雨来又是清不酒厂 (The rains come, clear skies will fóllow soon) 富足天不满灵魂…

Pescadotes: trawl caught dolphinfish (mahi-mahi)

Pescadotes: trawl caught dolphinfish (mahi-mahi)

With Flights Banned, Son Sails Solo Across Atlantic to Reach Father, 90 // NY Times

Mr. Ballestero named his boat after a seabird, the skua, one of which paid him a visit on the journey.

Real men wear masks,  After 85 days at sea Juan Manuel Ballastero meets his 90 y.o. Dad in Argentina

With Flights Banned, Son Sails Solo Across Atlantic to Reach Father, 90

An Argentine man stuck in Portugal because of the virus travels for 85 days the only way he could: in a small boat.
by Dan Politi // NY Times

BUENOS AIRES — Days after Argentina canceled all international passenger flights to shield the country from the new coronavirus, Juan Manuel Ballestero [IG: skuanavega] began his journey home the only way possible: He stepped aboard his small sailboat for what turned out to be an 85-day odyssey across the Atlantic.

The 47-year-old sailor could have stayed put on the tiny Portuguese island of Porto Santo, to ride out the era of lockdowns and social distancing in a scenic place largely spared by the virus. But the idea of spending what he thought could be “the end of the world” away from his family, especially his father who was soon to turn 90, was unbearable.

So he said he loaded his 29-foot sailboat with canned tuna, fruit and rice and set sail in mid-March.

“I didn’t want to stay like a coward on an island where there were no cases,” Mr. Ballestero said. “I wanted to do everything possible to return home. The most important thing for me was to be with my family.”

Sailing across the Atlantic in a small boat is challenging in the best of circumstances. The added difficulties of doing it during a pandemic became clear three weeks into the trip.

ImageMr. Ballestero, left, with his brother and his father, who turned 90 while his son was on his voyage. Credit...Juan Manuel Ballestero

On April 12, the authorities in Cape Verde refused to allow him to dock at the island nation to restock his supply of food and fuel, said Mr. Ballestero.

Hoping he still had enough food to carry him through, he turned his boat west. With less fuel than he hoped for, he’d be more at the mercy of the winds.

He was no stranger to spending long stretches of time at sea, but being alone on the open ocean is daunting to even the most experienced sailor.

Days into the journey, he became panicked by the light of a ship that he thought was trailing him and seemed to be approaching closer and closer.

“I started going as fast as possible,” Mr. Ballestero said. “I thought, if it gets very close, I’ll shoot.”


Saturday, June 27, 2020

Under sail - Wednesday evening - Eastchester Bay, Bronx, NY

For the start of my 21st season on North River 2 we stripped the varnish on the coaming, toe rails, rubrails.  and transom.  Will do the same for the hull after the season.  Wood is good but it does require attention.​
North River 2 is a Buzzards Bay 14.  It was designed in/about 1945 (like me) by L. Francis Herreshoff, and built at The Boat School in Eastport, Maine in 1985.
Herreshoff Buzzards Bay 14

Sunday, June 21, 2020