Monday, March 19, 2018

Dragger in a following Sea - Neal Parent

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Belfast, Maine photographer Neal Parent   posted today a new color photo of a  trawler in a huge following sea on Georges Banks in the Gulf of Maine.   It looks like his  series of (film) Black& White prints called Fishing the Banks, like this shot - the cover of his 2002 book Focused on the Coast.  [Which, thanks to Marilyn, has been above my desk for many years.] 
The new shot, dated 2015,  is in color and may be digital.  We will be in Belfast Friday.  I'll try to check it out.  And buy it if...

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Sunday, March 18, 2018

The long, cold leg - Volvo Ocean Race

The long (7,600 NM) Auckland to Brazil leg began today.

Here is 30 seconds of  video of the Southern Ocean roller coaster.
And it's good weather.  The wind IS at your back but...
Trouble at the start - video and routing imagery.

Sunday, March 4, 2018


Ben Bajorek is rebuilding his Herreshoff S Boat.  The gray triangular piece is deadwood.  It bears no weight, just fills space.  It occupies the space between the 3,350 lb. lead ballast keel which is bolted to the keelson - the long plank that runs down the center of the hull - and to which frames (ribs) and floors (the orange pieces) are attached.
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Six barges floating loose in Hudson River off Irvington

Six construction barges moored at the new Tappan Zee Bridge broke loose in Friday's gale.  At about that time I checked the NOAA data station at Kings Point.  It was gusting to 49 kts. NNE.  That's 57 mph - enough to chafe and fray just about any mooring line.  And it did.  Fortunately they didn't hit any of the anchored fuel barges down river.  - gwc

Six barges floating loose in Hudson River off Irvington

Barges break free in Hudson

Sunday, February 25, 2018

Friday, February 23, 2018

Life on an Island: Silence, Beauty and a Long Wait for the Ferry - The New York Times

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Life on an Island: Silence, Beauty and a Long Wait for the Ferry - The New York Times

by Katherine Q. Seelye

MATINICUS, Me. — The snow had begun falling overnight, and fell throughout the day, draping the towering pines and the lobster traps, stacked up on land for the winter, in blankets of white.
Still, Sharon Daley, a nurse from the visiting vessel Sunbeam, which provides medical care to remote islands off the coast of Maine, made her appointed rounds. She forged a path in knee-high rubber boots to the home of Bill Hoadley, who is, at 80, this island’s oldest resident.
She checked his blood pressure, which she pronounced “so good, it’s boring.” She listened to his heart, which was ticking just fine, almost in rhythm with his many clocks. Mr. Hoadley is something of a clock aficionado, and he keeps his timepieces on daylight saving time, which in winter is an hour ahead of everyone else.
“Because I can,” the impish Mr. Hoadley declared from his nautically themed front parlor.
Being able to do exactly as he pleases — and have health care come to him — are big reasons Mr. Hoadley stays here, 22 miles out in the North Atlantic.***

Tuesday, February 20, 2018

Saturday, February 17, 2018

Jim Bridwell Yosemite Legend is Dead at 73

Jim Bridwell, Mountaineering Maverick, Is Dead at 73

Tuesday, February 6, 2018

Thursday, February 1, 2018

Trump Has Got Democrats Right Where He Wants Them - The New York Times

This is a typically hard-headed Edsall analysis.  Basically it is this: After creating a crisis by cancelling DACA and exposing a million or more to deportation Trump sprung the trap.  He paired  a doubling of the number of "dreamers' he would free from the threat of deportation with $25 billion for The Wall and greatly reduced legal immigration - especially from "sh*thole" countries.

The gamble is that Democrats have to eat that price to neutralize white working class support for the Trumpadores.

To me the logic on The Wall is "it's only money" for this job-creating boondoggle.  The cut in legal migration is a hard pill - but not one that white working class workers in the main care about; and racial, etc. resentment make it appealing to many.

For Republicans the choices are actually pretty tough since so many have campaigned on no "amnesty", cut off the spigot, build the wall, etc.

If Democrats call Trump's bluff how does that play out?  Is the Dumpster really going to deport 1.5 million  +/- ?

Tough choices. - gwc

Trump Has Got Democrats Right Where He Wants Them - The New York Times

by Thomas Edsall

President Trump’s immigration proposal has put Democrats in a bind; they know it and he knows it.
Trump’s immigration “framework” — first outlined on Jan. 25 — represents an unusually sophisticated strategy. He proposes to more than double the number of Dreamers granted a path to citizenship, a significant concession to Democrats.
In return, he seeks approval of a set of policies strongly opposed by the left, each of which is designed to stem what Trump sees as a threatening increase in the nonwhite population of the United States.
What kind of numbers are we talking about? According to the Pew Research Center:
In 2014, immigrant women accounted for about 901,000 U.S. births, which marked a threefold increase from 1970 when immigrant women accounted for about 274,000 births. Meanwhile, the annual number of births to U.S.-born women dropped by 11 percent during that same time period, from 3.46 million in 1970 to 3.10 million in 2014.
There are now an estimated 690,000 registered Dreamers in the United States, all of whom were brought to this country as children before 2007. Trump’s offer would increase the number offered a path to citizenship to 1.8 million by adding those who are eligible for DACA (Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals), but who never registered.