Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Pescadotes: harrison lake and mt. katahdin

Pescadotes: harrison lake and mt. katahdin:

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Stunning Time-Lapse Video Shows Rare Views of Yosemite

A Landmark Restored, From Mosaic Marble Floor to Grand Dome -

The Williamsburg Savings Bank headquarters restored in Brooklyn.  The old WSB tower a mile away is still the tallest building in Brooklyn

A Landmark Restored, From Mosaic Marble Floor to Grand Dome -

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Coordinates match

MH370: Satellite images show possible crash debris in South China sea – live

Fr. Jack Alexander, S.J.

Fr.. Jack Alexander, S.J. moderator of the Brooklyn Prep Alumni Association and beloved former teacher has died, 90 years of age, at Murray Weigel Hall, Fordham, Bronx, NY.  He is an exemplar of that rare breed of men who foresaking family for celibacy dedicated his life to the service of others - particularly boys like me at Jesuit high schools who will always be grateful for the respect we were shown and the example he set.- GWC
fr. jack

Oil Rig Worker: I saw burning Malaysian plane

This guy knows how to make a report worthy of attention. - GWC
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And his coordinates match the Chinese satellite's image of suspected debris.
Malaysia Airlines eye witness and debris comparison