Sunday, October 16, 2011

How to use Pine Tar:

Genuine Pine Tar: 100% Organic authentic Stockholm pine tar.: "An Ancient Pine Tar Recipe: Thinning with organic boiled linseed oil is recommended to obtain faster penetration and reduce stickiness. Apply warm if possible.

Combine equal parts of Genuine Pine Tar and Purified Organic Linseed Oil - boiled, 100% cleaned and sterilized linseed oil from Allback, Sweden.
Heat to 80 degrees F and mix thoroughly.
Apply warm if possible."

How to Use Pine Tar Preservative | "Pine tar, when mixed with linseed oil and turpentine, is sometimes called Old Down East Deck Coating or boat soup. Pine tar is a protective coating for wood and dates back to the nineth century Vikings. Pine tar helps to waterproof and protect wood. This pine tar mixture is also absorbed into the oakum, or rope caulking, and acts as a preservative. It dries in the open air and does not feel sticky when touched."

One quart of pine tar to 1 gallon of 100% mineral spirits, seasoned with turpentine. Yum!
Pine Tar; History And Uses: "Pine Tar; History And Uses

by Theodore P. Kaye

Few visitors to any ship which as been rigged in a traditional manner have left the vessel without experiencing the aroma of pine tar. The aroma produces reactions that are as strong as the scent; few people are ambivalent about its distinctive smell. As professionals engaged in the restoration and maintenance of old ships, we should know not only about this product, but also some of its history.
Wood tar has been used by mariners as a preservative for wood and rigging for at least the past six centuries"

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