Sunday, June 12, 2016

End of an Era - Sailing the Santa Barbara Channel

We have been sailing the Santa Barbara Channel since our parents bought their house in 1973.  My first sail I rented a Force 5 - a hot little 15 footer which I sailed out of the harbor into a pretty decent swell.  After that I tried a sailing surfboard. Even at 30 I didn't have the strength for that.
Then Dad bought the Bali Hai - a 26 foot Columbia.  When that was sold we sailed Nancy's Columbia 22.  When that was sold we started renting at Santa Barbara Sailing Center.  
Here Nancy and I are sailing a Catalina 23 on a typically gentle Santa Barbara afternoon - approaching the bluffs of Shoreline Park where my mother studied for the California bar exam under the shade of its trees.  End of an era. - gwc


Father's Day 2013 - Fordham men