Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Lit Up Inside - Collected Lyrics of Van Morrison

George Ivan Morrison
Lit Up Inside: The Collected Lyrics of Van Morrison 

Faber and Faber are thrilled to announce the acquisition of Van Morrison’s Selected Lyrics, titled Lit Up Inside, for publication in autumn 2014.

Morrison’s publication will sit alongside Mother Brother Lover, Jarvis Cocker’s Selected Lyrics, and So This Is Permanence: The Lyrics and Notebooks of Ian Curtis as part of the Faber Social imprint. 

 Lit Up Inside will be published as a hardback and in a special edition in October. 

 Van Morrison says: ‘The lyrics in this book span 50 years of writing and as such are representative of my creative journey.’

Lee Brackstone, Creative Director of Faber Social, says: ‘Van Morrison is a colossally important, inspiring and influential figure in the music world and his place as one of a handful of truly iconic twentieth century artists is secure. Publication of Lit Up Inside reminds us of his place in a broader seam of Irish creativity; the collective consciousness of his literary forbears, the likes of WB Yeats, William Blake, Patrick Kavanagh, Joseph Campbell, the poetry of the Blues and Robbie Burns. The words on the page are a joy in themselves and it is a great honour that his lyrics will be immortalised in a Faber volume.’

Lit Up Inside has been edited by Morrison with the help of Eammon Hughes who is also contributing an introduction. Ian Rankin will be writing a Foreword."

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