Tuesday, April 6, 2010

The Hudson - America's River - by Frances Dunwell

Author and conservationist Frances Dunwell 's dramatic tales will bring to life the stories of visionary people who changed the direction of our national history, inspired by their deep relationship with the river. Using images of Hudson River School paintings, maps and period engravings, she captures the spirit of the river through the eyes of its many admirers.  She recounts how the Hudson River powered the growth of the country's greatest industrial and financial empire and also produced leading American artists, writers, engineers, and environmentalists. She makes the case for conserving the Hudson as a source of creative inspiration and demonstrates that the river continues to be a creative force today.

Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. has praised Dunwell's "wonderful stories about America's river," and her "beautifully written book." 

All royalties from sale of the book are being donated to the Natural Heritage Trust for conservation of the river.

The book is available directly from the publisher, Columbia University Press