Friday, October 14, 2011

Bass Fishing Time at Montauk Lighthouse -

Montauk Light - all photos NY Times

The waters of Gardiners Bay and Long Island Sound rip around Montauk Point, carrying bait fish and the stripers and blue fish that prey on them. And this time - October - is prime time. Keepers have to be 38 inches.
And they're good eating.  Below is a video recipe for poached striped bass. - GWC

Bass Fishing Time at Montauk Lighthouse -
by Corey Kilgannon
"REX ADILI of Totowa, N.J., took up fishing several years ago because he wanted a relaxing hobby. Then he discovered Montauk, and bought a crash helmet.

Fishing here is an extreme sport, especially on the perilous rocky shores around the Montauk Lighthouse, where boots with tungsten-carbide spikes are needed for traction, where fisherman wield $1,000 rods, where fights regularly break out over fishing spot"

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