Sunday, July 12, 2009

Pilot boat on Pilot Street

There is a pilot station on Pilot Street, City Island. At the opposite end of the street is City Island Y.C., where we are members and North River 2 is moored. The pilot boat - Newark Bay - docks on the inside of the rusting old fuel barge that protects Consolidated Yachts. One of the oldest yards on City Island, it is still the home of a lot of good boats. It was here that the schooner Mary E was hauled out last winter for maintenance.


James is positioned at the bow of my Walker Bay 8, like an explorer poised to be the first to step onto the new land and claim it for Clan Costello. As as for me - without my SPF 70 my skin tone is indistinguishable from my official Herreshoff T-shirt and cap - both of which are pink.

Big ship approaching Piscataqua River Bridge

It's a landmark - the high Piscataqua River bridge on I-95. Portsmouth, NH on the south, Kittery, ME on the north and the swift Piss-Kat-uh-Kwa running underneath. As we crossed a week ago we were startled by the massive bulk carrier approaching the bridge, southbound. Seemed as high as the bridge when we first spotted it upriver, guided by two tugs - one port and one starboard, down the winding river, with the tide (I hope).

Issuma - southbound

Soutbound from Salvador "out of the tropics" toward cooler weather is where Richard Hudson reports he is headed. It'll get cooler alright. This is the astral winter, isn't it?