Friday, November 27, 2009

Changing New York 1932-1935: Photographs by Berenice Abbott

The great photographs taken by Berenice Abbott for the Federal Arts Project 1932-1935, are available online thanks to the New York Public Library. Below are some thumbnails. Click on Changing New York 1932-1935 to view the images.
They are: St. Bartholemew's Church and Waldorf Tower, Starrett Lehigh Bldg - West Street, tug, Lackawanna RR- Freight Station-North River, Pier 11, Penn Station, rail freight cars - East River piers, Central Jersey RR rail-ferry station - North River, East River Skyport, Manhattan Bridge

St. Bartholomew's, WaldorStarrett-Lehigh Building,Watuppa, Pier 5, East RivPier 13, North River, Man Theoline, Pier 11, East RPenn Station, Interior, MWaterfront, from Pier 19,Ferry, Central Railroad oDowntown Skyport, Pier 11Manhattan Bridge, From Bo