Friday, November 7, 2008

Maya Lin's Wave Fields

Maya Lin - the designer of the Vietnam Veterans Memorial - has a new project - Wave Fields.Just what it says: earthen waves.  The elegance and surprise are inimitable.   Above is an existing one.    There's another on the way.   Here's  a video essay fom the Times.

Election Night in New York - On the Street with Bill Cunningham

A night on the town to be remembered.  There is no iconic image yet - except for Obama on stage alone in Grant Park Chicago with Michelle and the girls.  There are no sailors in dress whites kissing girls, no adulatory crowds greeting the GI's on the streets of Paris, no flowers in rifle barrels.

But the scene in New York, in Chicago, and in homes across the country - and around the world - was the greatest moment of collective joy I have ever witnessed - and experienced.  The revolution is always a party.  Bill Cunningham, the New York Times fashion photographer was there for it  And he knows style when he sees it.   Here is his photo-essay.