Saturday, March 15, 2014

Charlie Porter, an Adventurer Who Reshaped Climbing, Is Dead at 63 -

Charlie Porter, solo, Baffin Island, 1975.
He ran out of food and hiked back 10 days on frostbitten feet.
He climbed El Capitan solo; Mt. Asgard on Baffin Island, and kayaked around Cape Horn - an island.  Dead of a heart attack at 63 at his home on the Beagle Channel in Patagonia, Argentina. - GWC

Charlie Porter, an Adventurer Who Reshaped Climbing, Is Dead at 63 -

When Charlie Porter showed up in the Yosemite Valley in the early 1970s and started forging new climbing routes up the famously imposing monolithic rock wall known as El Capitan, he was something of a mystery man, a stranger to the clubby group of mostly Californians who had made Yosemite the center of the climbing world.
He was from the East somewhere — Massachusetts, it turned out — and he had not grown up in the sport the way just about every other accomplished climber had, but his skills seemed otherworldly.

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9/11 - from space

taken from the International Space Station, 9/11/2001
by Astronaut Frank Culbertson

I first saw the towers after the second plane hit.  Watching from a Newark office building where I was representing a client in a Social Security disability hearing, I saw the second plume of smoke rising before it merged with the first, curving south in a light breeze against a clear blue sky. - gwc
The 9/11 attack seen from space, showing smoke drifting out over New York

Expanded search for Malaysian Jet

This map shows all  the landing places the Malaysian jet could reach from its last known position.  If they don't find it on the bottom of the sea or in a himalayan valley there will be nveer ending speculation.

Runways in range of MH370