Monday, May 30, 2016

Michael Cunnion (1945 - 1966)

Mike Cunnion was the star quarterback at Mt. St. Michael's in Mt. Vernon, NY.  When he  went to Holy Cross on a football scholarship we lived on the same floor and were friends.  But then and there even a prime athlete could flunk out.  Mike did.  He joined the Marines and went to Vietnam.  With fourteen others he went down in a helicopter near the DMZ (the truce line between south and north Vietnam).  Mt. St. Michael, pictured below, memorialized Mike.
When I travel to D.C. I go to the Vietnam Veterans Memorial to remember Mike and two other classmates - Bob Donovan, and Jack Martin who also perished in the war.
As President Obama's visit reminds us we lost 58,000.  The Vietnamese 1 million.  They too should be mourned. - gwc