Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Listen to the Lion - Van Morrison

I am reading David Burke's excellent A Sense of Wonder - Van Morrison's Ireland
Listen to the Lion is a song I don't know - it's on St. Dominic's Preview (1972) which I have on vinyl but never heeded.Great Vinyl on http://www.vinylrecords.ch this is album cover photo of VAN MORRISON - Saint Dominic's Preview

Greil Marcus has written: "Listen to the Lion is the song of a beast that wants to be calmed, the man that wants to be loved, the traveler who wants to lay down his weary bones someplace where he belongs."

Caledonia is the ancient Roman name for Scotland but for Morrison it's a mystic home where 
...all my tears have flown
All my tears like water flown
And all my tears like water flown
All my tears like-a water flown

For the lion
For the lion
For the lion
For the lion
Inside of me

Listen to the lion 

- George