Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Willis Avenue Bridge - underway, under tow

Three tugs tow the new Willlis Avenue Bridge span from West Hurley, up the Hudson near Albany, on its way down to its new position on the Harlem River.  After a couple of weeks in Bayonne they will take it through the East river to its home on the Harlem  River?   The Times account is HERE.

Below is a shot I took a few years ago  of the new 145th Street bridge ready to be put in place. The Willis  Ave. bridge is more than twice the weight. But as one of the guys from Mammoet the Dutch outfit handling the transport said:  "It's simple if you have the right tool".

Pres. Bush's boat runs aground at Gooch's Beach, Kennebunk

Fidelity IV
Top PhotoI know that you are blind in the fog.  But he's got a 38 foot boat and a GPS and radar, it appears.  How do you miss the Kennebunk River and end up on the beach?  Who was at the helm? Navigating?
Bush's boat runs aground at Gooch's Beach | SeacoastOnline.com