Friday, March 20, 2009

The Peking - under tow - and at the Horn

The Peking is a legendary ship - one of the last great cargo ships to ply its trade under wind power.  And because of the legendary film footage (below) by Capt. Irwin Johnson who went aloft in horrific conditions to document the storm we know something of its adventures.

The ship belongs to South Street Seaport Museum and resides next to the Wavertree.   Tugster's partner caught her under tow in January 2008.  

The last time we had a Tall Ships visit to NY (was that 2000?) the Wavertree was cleared by  the Coast Guard to put up some canvas, but the Peking not.

At least it's in the water - unlike the great Danish warship the Fregatten Jylland - perfectly preserved but sitting in a dry concrete berth, in Ebeltoft, Jutland.

Bowsprite has posted these lovely watercolors (and more), with conscientiously drawn and delighful details of the great ship.  

And  Tugster has historical shots of the old bulk carrier.