Thursday, October 28, 2010

Issuma: bound for Toronto, her winter port

Richard Hudson and Issuma are northbound to Toronto for the winter- on the inside.  The route is, I assume, the shortest: Hudson River -Erie Canal - Oswego Canal - Lake Ontario.  Tugster and Bowsprite did a leg of it - up to Catskill, where Rosemary Ruth will winter and, hopefully, find a buyer.
Issuma and Rosemary Ruth rafted up in Catskill
Richard and Gabriela - loyal crew

Next summer Richard hopes to head east - and north.  Maybe Greenland - if all works out.

This spring he started out in the Rio Plata - Uruguay and Argentina, and made his way north - single handed the great bulk of the way to New York.  From there it was northbound, up the Labrador coast and over to Baffin Island.  All photos by Will Van Dorp
The Hudson River