Monday, August 3, 2009

Port Clyde Draggers

Port Clyde is best known as the base for the Monhegan Boat Line and for the Marshall Point Light to which Forrest Gump ran. But Port Clyde is also home to the largest ground fishing fleet on the Maine coast.

As with all fishing communities there are memories of men lost at sea. 11 since 1941 (the last in 2005) are remembered at the Port Clyde Fishermen's Memorial at the Lighthouse.

The fleet is now a dozen or less. It is hoped that the new sector limits plan (replacing overall catch and day limits) will more rationally use the resource. And help preserve the fishery.

The Port Clyde Fishermen's Co-op markets its catch through Port Clyde Fresh Catch, built on the community farming model, and local pride.

Below are Skipper, Tide Walker, Leslie & Jessica, High Roller, and Iroquois.

The whole slide show is HERE.