Monday, October 1, 2012

Port Clyde Fresh Catch - NY Times

Justin Libby - Port Clyde, Maine
Port Cyde Fishermen's Memorial
Port Clyde Fresh Catch is the community fishery marketing effort of the ground fishing fleet at Port Cyde, entrance to the Penobscot Bay and point of departure for Monhegan Island, Maine.  The Times celebrates their model today.  Port Clyde's landmark is the Marshall Point Light at which Forrest Gump turned around when he ran coast to coast to coast.  You can see the light and the rest of the fleet HERE

Saving a Fishery - New York Times - by Patricia Leigh Brown

"HEADING toward his fifth hour of filleting, his thick rubber boots squeaking on the wet concrete floor, Glen Libby, a fisherman by trade, looks more like a beleaguered line cook than the hero of a seafood revolution.
Five years ago this month in this unspoiled fishing port immortalized by three generations of Wyeths, Mr. Libby and a half-dozen cohorts banded together to try to rescue their depleted fish stock and their profession.
The result (“after trial and error with a lot of error” in Mr. Libby’s words) was Port Clyde Fresh Catch, the country’s first community-supported fishery, now part of a burgeoning movement that tries to do for small-scale local fishermen what community-supported agriculture has done for farmers...."