Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Southbound 650 at The End of the Road:

Jesse's odyssey ended January 14 at the end of the road.  

Ruta 3 at the Tierra Del Fuego  National Park is the southernmost point one can reach by road.  

It is south of the world's southernmost port - Ushuaia (54º48'S  68º18W) on the island `discovered'  by Magellan in his search for a route to China (the Strait of Magellan), explored and studied by Darwin (the Beagle Channel), a bit north of the island we call Cape Horn (55º59'S  68º13W).

The end of the road is 1,913 miles from Buenos Aires, and 11,090 miles south of Alaska.  

We'll have to wait for Jesse's return home to get the road miles from his odometer of his Kawasaki 650, which hopefully will find a home in a museum.  It is an icon symbolizing the will power it took to start in Delaware County, NY, 4 months ago head north, cross Ontario, cut southwest to San Diego, then reach his destination.

Here are Jesse's closing shots, images of others who have gotten there (google images search:  ruta 3 tierra del fuego, and a link to Ushuaia weather.

Congratulations, Jesse - we'll see you soon!