Tuesday, April 26, 2016

"You will forever be my hero" Peter's tribute to Dad

by Peter Conk
We brought my Dad home April 1st to live out the last days of his life. Here he is doing 2 of his favorite things; reading N.Y. Times and looking out at the view from his back yard. I was able to help take care of him for the 2.5 weeks. Strong in life and death, he fed himself until his last meal. Last night his body succumbed, giving him the peace he had recently sought and deserved.
He grew up in Gerritsen Beach, a poor Irish immigrant community in Brooklyn. Worked on Brooklyn docks to put himself through Fordham University.  Served as captain of a Sub-chaser in WW II.
He was truly the leader of our family. Providing endless summer days at the beach and ocean, providing us a Catholic education, relocating to beautiful Santa Barbara and mostly being there for each of us during difficult times and moments of triumph. He loved all the family and had endless stories about everyone. In retirement he spent endless hours serving the community: city commissions, staffing homeless shelter, and for more than 20 years, up until 1.5 years ago, being a Eucharistic Minister and visiting the sick.
For all you gave us thank you. You will forever be my hero.
April 21, 2016