Saturday, October 18, 2008

Chi. Tribune Endorses Obama, 100,000 in St. Louis, and Colin Powell!

For the first time in 160 years the Chicago Tribune has endorsed a Democrat for President. No reason to hold Lincoln, Grant, or TR against them, at least. But like the Prodigal Son all is forgiven now. As conservative public intellectuals like Brooks, Sullivan, Hitchens, and Christopher Buckley (son of William F., National Review founder) bailed out on McCain and embraced Obama I wondered if the masses would go the same way. Today's 100,000 in St. Louis to hear Obama may be the answer.
And then there's the Colin Powell endorsement:

Coast Guard: McCain, Palin, and Biden each has a child in Iraq. We've got one on shoreline defense duty - the head of Saginaw Bay, Lake Huron - where you can almost see Canada, which is, as Sarah Palin reminded us, a foreign country! Taisy is a field organizer for Obama in Bay City, Michigan.

If you want to help: Volunteer.