Saturday, July 14, 2012

Gone to Sea - George Vecsey

PictureThe Great Times sportswriter George Vecsey is a man after my own heart.  He understands that the key is to see an epic in an everyday voyage. - GWC

Gone to Sea - George Vecsey:
 "When I took the [NY Times] no-brainer buyout last December, I talked about watching the wheels go round and round. Instead, I’m watching  waves.

Two years ago my wife bought me another perfect  present,  an inflatable kayak from Sea Eagle. Pumps up with a pedal in 10 minutes. Seats two. All I need is  company up front. 

This week Grandchild No. 5/5  and I paddled across the bay to inspect a mansion at West Egg. We glided through a school of baby blues (you should see them jump when they are fully grown in September, I told her), and watched a gent in a motorboat cut his engine politely when he reached the No Wake sign. I pointed out the Bronx and New Rochelle at the north end of the bay  and we talked about the Huguenots who settled there. We watched the afternoon flights heading toward JFK.

After an hour, I told her to navigate toward the dock and the beach. The kayak deflated and was easily stuffed in the back of the car. 

The summer is young. "