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Need for speed! America's Cup 2013

Heritage Cup Regatta - 2013

The Heritage Cup Regatta 2013 (click for all pix)

on a mooring at host Hempstead Harbor Club
click pix to enlarge and for slide show)

Angelita - 1926 Olympic medalist


Mary Lauren is for sale

Golden Eye - 1937

Myth crossing our bow on the first tack

our windward mark

off Hart Island on the way home

Dave Seroy - First Mate

Americas Cup boats racing past Fort Baker

My friend John lives on his boat in the background.  Great Americas Cup viewing post.

Thursday, September 26, 2013

America’s Cup - Interactive Feature -

America’s Cup - Interactive Feature -

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Tactics, Not Speed Won the America's Cup

Jesse Fradkin reports:

Many if not most of the pundits are proclaiming that Oracle's superior boat speed won this race and the series. Here's the data from the final race. Oracle's average boat speed is exactly, I repeat exactly the same as ETNZ's. ETNZ's top speed was faster. The race was won by tactics.

It is no coincidence that the change of tactician to the 5 time Olympic Gold Medal winner Sir Ben Ainslie about faced Oracle's racing from losing to winning. His leadership, expertise, decisions and determination greatly helped to shape the turn of the tide in Oracle's complete favor. 

Update: BUT Jerome Tauber argues that Oracle was pointing higher, thus sailing a shorter course.  And that makes it the faster boat!

Race 19 Performance Data
Course: 5 Legs/10.07 nautical miles
Elapsed Time: OTUSA – 23:24, ETNZ – 24:08
Delta: OTUSA +:44
Total distance sailed: OTUSA – 11.9 NM, ETNZ – 12.2 NM

Average Speed: OTUSA – 30.55 knots (35 mph), ETNZ – 30.55 knots (35 mph)
Top Speed: OTUSA – 44.33 knots (51 mph), ETNZ – 45.72 knots (53 mph)

Windspeed: Average – 18.2 knots, Peak – 21.3 knots
Number of Tacks/Jibes: OTUSA – 9/7, ETNZ – 9/7

Wednesday, September 25, 2013


Prada foiling past Angel Island.  (note reefed jib)  Ft. Baker boat basin at the left. photo by Peter Miron Conk

Gary Jobson America's Cup Report 18 — America's Cup Experience

Gary Jobson America's Cup Report 18 — America's Cup Experience
As Oracle Team USA crossed the finish line to retain the America’s Cup, Simeon Tienpont kissed the boat. Oracle beat Emirates Team New Zealand, 9-8."Today's victory by Oracle Team USA concluded an America's Cup that will add quite a unique chapter to the long history of this regatta.  At the post race press conference, team owner Larry Ellison, was on stage.  He was gracious, funny, respectful, interesting and happy.  I sat among the 100 or so journalists thinking to myself, "Where has this guy been?" Ellison explained that he was absent because he simply wanted to support his team, and let them run the defense.  There was no doubt, however, who was in charge.  Alongside Ellison were the Australian skipper of OTUSA, James Spithill, the Australian strategist, Tom Slingsby, and the British tactician, Ben Ainslie.  The team leader, New Zealander Russell Coutts was not on stage, and he was missed.  Ellison gave Coutts considerable credit for pushing the team to improve when they were behind.  Something happened during 19 races over the past 19 days that took the American team from awful to spectacular."

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New York Harbor Regatta at Governor's Island

Tuesday, September 24, 2013

A Dream River in Iceland Rich With Salmon -

A Dream River in Iceland Rich With Salmon -
by Peter Kaminsky

MIDFJARDARA RIVER, Iceland — Along this river in Iceland’s cold northwest, the world is reduced to its bare components: rocks, grass, water and fish. The view is as uncomplicated and as beautiful as a well-constructed haiku. The scale of the river is inviting and intimate. Its twisting course cuts through black lava canyons and tumbles over numerous waterfalls, pausing only to collect itself in the deep runs and deeper holding pools in which its salmon wait....

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In Bronx River, Helping Oysters Stage Comeback -

Seeding an oyster reef in the Bronx River
In Bronx River, Helping Oysters Stage Comeback -
by Winnie Hu
"Not much lived in the Bronx River in the 1970s, when it was tainted with toxic chemicals and human waste and choked by abandoned cars dumped into its waters.
The oyster did.
Oysters clung tenaciously to tires here and there, a tiny remnant of the vast oyster reefs that once thrived in New York City’s waterways and nourished natives and settlers alike. Now after decades of cleanup efforts in the river, the oyster has emerged as a tangible measure of how much more needs to be done to return the river closer to its natural state.
A one-acre oyster reef has been created in the river just off the shore of Soundview Park in the South Bronx — one of the largest oyster restoration projects in the city. On Saturday, students from the Urban Assembly New York Harbor School relocated about 100,000 farm-raised baby oysters, known as spat-on-shell, to the reef, which was made this summer by piling 100 tons of empty shells on the river’s muddy bottom. "

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Monday, September 23, 2013

Spanish Tuna Recipe with Red Pepper Sauce | Hunter Angler Gardener Cook

Spanish Tuna Recipe with Red Pepper Sauce | Hunter Angler Gardener Cook:
spanish tuna recipe

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AC Skeptics: You gotta admit this is getting good. Oracle wins Race 16

OK they're all even now 8-8 (if you subtract the astonishingly harsh two race penalty by the international jury for a violation by Oracle in the AC 45's)  If the Kiwis win tomorrow it will still be a win on the water - because they'll have 9/17.  But if the Americans win one more it will be 9/8 on the water but 8/7 on the books.  Something ought to give. - GWC

Friday, September 20, 2013

Ice Closes in on Northwest Passage-makers

The Canadian Coast Guard reports 50% more ice in the Northwest Passage this year than last.  Several yachts are already icebound.  Stephen Lirakis reports. - GWC

Thursday, September 19, 2013

What a Messy Desk Says About You -

Shackleton's cabin aboard the doomed Endurance
What a Messy Desk Says About You - Well - NY Times
Cleaning up your desk can be a good idea.   But “Disorderly environments seem to inspire breaking free of tradition,” Dr. Vohs and her co-authors conclude in the study, “which can produce fresh insights.”The implications of these findings are also practical. “My advice would be, if you need to think outside the box” for a future project, Dr. Vohs says, then let the clutter rise and unfetter your imagination. But if your primary goal is to eat well or to go to the gym, pick up around your office first. By doing this, the naturally messy can acquire some of the discipline of the conscientious.

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Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Indian Harbor Classics Race 2013

Indian Harbor Classics Race, September 13-15, 2013
(click on pix to enlarge and for slideshow)  Results
eastbound from CIYC on North River 2

Angelita - Nick Potter, designer

Spartan -  New York 50 - N.G. Herreshoff, designer

Ticonderoga - L.F. Herreshoff, designer

Natanya - Dictator class Friendship sloop, Jarvis Newman designer/builder

Cadenza - Rozinante canoe yawl - L.F. Herreshoff, designer

Lovinde - Marshall Cat 


Allegra - S boat - N.G. Herreshoff, designer

Aegir - John Alden, designer

North River 2 - Buzzards Bay 14 - L.F. Herreshoff, designer

Bacchant - 75 Sq. meter,-Knud Reimers, designer

Monday, September 16, 2013

If you love sailing you have to want the Americas Cup to keep on going

Bacchant comes to the Long Island Sound

On the way home from the Indian Harbor YC Classics regatta I got a bonus.  Eastbound  (from its former home in Wisconisn?) was Bacchant - a mahogany planked Swedish 75 sq. meter sailboat built in 1936.  I wonder what is its new homeport?  Does anyone recognize its club burgee? Hope to see it at the IHYC next year. (click on pix to enlarge)

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Contact high? MV Goldstar reported ablaze with 30 tons of marijuana off Malta

h/t GCaptain
MV Gold Star
Upon receipt of the emergency call from the vessel on Friday, an armada of vessels were dispatched by the Armed Forces of Malta (AFM) to help subdue, or perhaps just hangout downwind, of the flames which had spread to the Gold Star’s bridge.  The 9 members of the ship’s crew were rescued by AFM assets.  Reports that firefighters broke off early because they were suffering from the munchies could not be confirmed