Friday, June 12, 2015

Committee Boat - EBYRA

Issuma in Southern Chile

Issuma has reached Isla Mechuque in southern Chile.  At 42S and 73W it is due south of New York and nearly the same distance from the equator, but at GMT -4 it is an hour ahead of New York which is 40.7N 73.9W!  Climatologically it's similar to New York- as you can see from the vegetation.
But the austral winter is approaching, rather like Irish winter now - 40's, windy and rainy.

Pretty as it looks this kind of cruising is complicated, as Richard explains in this post Anchorages, Storms & Forecasts.  Taking shelter from a northerly the wind was forecast to swing south at gale force - the exposed part of a harbor.  Wisdom was pointing toward heading out to sea and heaving to for a day or two when the forecast gale dropped dramatically.