Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Katabatic Winds of Antarctica -

Katabatic Winds of Antarctica - "h"

Grace: a replacement engine found in Falmouth

Grace - 18' Lyman - 1957
It's been worrisome since the moment a bit before sunset that my venerable 1957 Graymarine Model 100 straight six seized up and died at sunset just off Black Island in the Muscongus Bay where I had to be rescued by Barrett Lynde of Gay Island Oyster Farm.  But today, with the help of Russ and Joel we picked up a replacement.  A Graymarine  Model 112 flathead six with dual carburetors.  We loaded it (675 lbs.) onto Jeff Marine's pickup and brought it back to Thomaston for winter transplant surgery.
The engine came out of this 1953 Chris Craft - which spends summers on Sebago Lake.  It will now be re-powered  by this Hercules engine - the original equipment.  
1953 Chris Craft
Russ and Joel