Wednesday, September 28, 2011

IMVUBU completes NW Passage - reaches Kodiak, Alaska

Kodiak Harbor, Alaska
False Pass Harbor, Alaska

Imvubu - Capetown launch - 2009
Northwest Passage 2012 dot com: IMVUBU completes NW Passage - heads south to Kodiak Alaska: "Imvubu is a 53-foot Barens Seatrader sailing yacht. She is built for adventure and going to out-of-the-way places with a steel hull and two masts (called Ketch rigged for those more technically minded). In car terms she is a comfortable, heavy 4x4 rather than a dainty saloon or a sports car. Imvubu is Zulu for hippopotamus and like her namesake she is at home in the water, fairly broad in the beam yet can be ferocious when provoked. She weighs 35 tons un-provisioned and about 40 tons with water, fuel and provisions.
She was launched in June 2009 in Durban where she was built"

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Red Sox nation flies south, brings angst - The Boston Globe

The coup de grace
Jon Papelbon gave up two runs after striking out the first two batters in the ninth. I watched the last place Baltimore Orioles celebrating like they had won the World Series, the Red Sox dugout slowly exit, and then Tampa Bay - which can't even fill a stadium when they win the pennant - celebrate when Longoria's 13 inning home run over the Yankees gave then the flag. It's enough to make you go back to being a Mets fan. - GWC
Red Sox nation flies south, brings angst - The Boston Globe: "BALTIMORE—Like drivers who slow down to look at traffic crashes, some Red Sox fan had to be here. They had to watch with their own eyes in Camden Yards as their team faced epic collapse on the last day of the season."

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