Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Vendee: Day 59 - 5 Around the Horn - Stamm to refuel at sea

START 2409On day 59, five of the Vendee Globe solo sailors have rounded Cape Horn.  Bernard Stamm = whose hydrogenerator broke in the Indian Ocean = is 250 miles from the Horn.  Down to 5% of his fuel he is in survival mode, running dark without electronics, and without auto-helm.  He will refuel at sea - and be disqualified for receiving outside assistance.  -gwc
Bernard Stamm and his Team Cheminées Poujoulat announced today that the elected to solution to get more fuel onboard his Open 60 Cheminées Poujoulat will be to refuel at sea, boat-to-boat.
This solution ensures the safety for the sailor and his monohull, because approaching a port without means of propulsion, or navigation data could be dangerous. With less than 5% of fuel left onboard, energy is severely rationed, and allows Stamm only one communication per day with his team.
On dry land, plans have been organized to respond quickly to his requirement when he arrives.  Stamm is 250 miles away from the Cape Horn and has some way to go before he can receive the fuel. According to Cheminées Poujoulat’s speed and the weather conditions, the re-fueling area should be reached somewhere between Wednesday 9 January and Thursday 10 Jaunary. The boat to provide diesel oil to Bernard Stamm is none other than his friend, Unai Bazurko, Pakea Bizcaia, who Stamm raced against in the Velux 5 Oceans and also competed in the last edition of the Vendée Globe. Biskaean Bazurko is in Ushuaia undertaking an environmental expedition and he offered his help. Meanwhile, Bernard Stamm, yesterday, during a brief communication with his team, said that he is extremely tired because of the long hours spent at the helm, but is making good progress to Cape Horn.