Friday, October 29, 2010

Jon Gelman Photography: Maine Lobster Fishing Port

Jon Gelman Photography: Maine Lobster Fishing Port: "Captured on a D700, 1/5 sec., ISO 200, f/18, 195 mm, HDR."

Buzzards Bay 14 for sale

Not mine.  But one just like my North River 2  - built at the Boat School, Eastport Maine.  Details HERE

Thursday, October 28, 2010

Issuma: bound for Toronto, her winter port

Richard Hudson and Issuma are northbound to Toronto for the winter- on the inside.  The route is, I assume, the shortest: Hudson River -Erie Canal - Oswego Canal - Lake Ontario.  Tugster and Bowsprite did a leg of it - up to Catskill, where Rosemary Ruth will winter and, hopefully, find a buyer.
Issuma and Rosemary Ruth rafted up in Catskill
Richard and Gabriela - loyal crew

Next summer Richard hopes to head east - and north.  Maybe Greenland - if all works out.

This spring he started out in the Rio Plata - Uruguay and Argentina, and made his way north - single handed the great bulk of the way to New York.  From there it was northbound, up the Labrador coast and over to Baffin Island.  All photos by Will Van Dorp
The Hudson River

Monday, October 25, 2010

What's the hardest thing about learning Chinese?

Tones or characters?  I give up.

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

John F. Kennedy - the Staten Island Ferry

thanks to Bowsprite
John F. Kennedy
Commission Date: 1965
Builder: Levingston Shipbuilding, TX
Length: 277′ (84.4m)
Width: 69′ (21m)
Draft: 19’1″ (5.8m)
Gross Tonnage: 2109
service speed: 16 knots (30 km/h)
crew: 13
Passengers: 3500 / (40 vehicles, pre 9/11)
Propulsion: Diesel Electric 600 volts DC
Engines: GM-EMD-567C16 (x4)
Horsepower: 6500 (4.8 MW)

Monday, October 18, 2010

The Big Oyster: WNYC interviews Mark Kurlansky

New York City was the Big Oyster - the oyster capital of the world.  Oyster stands used to dot New York like push cart food vendors do today.  And the selfish were local products too.  Here is Mark Kulansky the brilliant author of The Big Oyster, Cod, and Salt to talk about it all on WNYC.

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

The first miner ascends

This is an amazing ascensor.  The first miner reaches the surface in Chile.

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Issuma: safe return to New York

Issuma is anchored now in the North River at about 110 Street.  they arrrived october 1.

Here is the proof:

55 years ago - the Brooklyn Dodgers triumphed

I was a Brooklyn Dodger fan.  I remember sitting with my grandmother Mae Trautfield watching the tiny gray TV screen.  She gave me her love of  the game and she taught me its rules.  Her death when I was seven was the biggest in my life - and terrible for my mother who had lost her father Walter when I was an infant.  So I stayed a Dodger fan -  until the death of Jim Gilliam in about 1980.  He was the last Dodger still in uniform who had been on the field that glorious day in 1955 when Johnny Podres shut out the Yankees 2-0 at Yankee Stadium.   TI was in 4th grade at Abbey Lane School in Levittown.  someone had a portable radio and school let out as the game was ending.  I joined the parade of Dodger fans who marched in triumph down the lane to the school's gate.

Below  is Dave Anderson's recollection of the day and his talk with Carl Erskine - the pitcher we called Oisk, in imitation of that strange Brooklyn Irish accent that Nana Conk had, saying "terlet" and "erl".
Sports of The Times - As ’55 Turns 55, an Old Dodger Celebrates -