Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Evers Marina & Seaplane Base - the Bronx, NYTimes.com

Charlie Evers aboard Little Toot, at Evers Marina
and Seaplane Base, the Bronx
Charlie Evers can make it via seaplane from his marina in the Bronx to his lake house in Maine in two hours. - gwc

The Runway Is Clear - NYTimes.com:

by Corey Kilgannon

"If Willy Wonka ran a boatyard, it might be along the lines of Evers Marina and Seaplane Base, on the Bronx waterfront.

Its owner, Charlie Evers, 71, has lived his entire life, at least until recently, at the marina, which was founded as a seaplane base in 1937 by his father, Carl.

By the 1950s, the place had about 40 seaplanes and five ramps for them. By the late 1960s, seaplane storage and charter flights gave way to boat-slip rentals, Mr. Evers said.

But there is still an orange windsock fluttering up there atop a pole at the end of the wide concrete pier, here where the East River turns into Long Island Sound.

The marina still shows up on aviation maps as one of the last seaplane bases in the region. And there is still the four-seat seaplane that Mr. Evers keeps in a metal shed and tools around in once or twice a week.

The marina, located in the Spencer Estates section between Pelham Bay Park and the Throgs Neck Bridge, is dotted with repurposed items that Mr. Evers has found."

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