Wednesday, December 14, 2016

Ellen's scallops

As for the scallops,  I kind of “wung” it but here are the basics:  bread crumbs, lemon zest (1 lemon),  fresh herbs (parsley, thyme), parmesan cheese (tablespoonish or more), some shallot, salt and pepper, paprika,  red pepper.  Mix it all together.  Dredge the scallops, put in hot oil (I added a little butter too but probably not necessary) and brown quickly on both sides (crispy surface is good). Serve with lemon. - Ellen

Peppercorn halibut

Vibrant Peppercorns (and Their Impostors) Brighten Fish Fillets

New wave height. Record ~ 19 metetd

My sister Candy

My sister Kathryn - who we called Candy - was born sixty four years ago today - December 14, 1952.
This is my favorite picture of her - the big smile, the energy.
No loss in my life matches this one.  When Candy died two days after my mother in February 2015 she had long been diminished in health, the old buoyancy gone.  She left behind Molly and Max, and her two grandchildren - Ella and Clare, named for our mother and her aunt Ella Curtis Steel to whom we were very close as kids and who  baked great butter cookies.  I hope she is enjoying one now.