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Robert Johnson - Blues man remembered belatedly by the New York Times

Overlooked No More: Robert Johnson, Bluesman Whose Life Was a Riddle

Johnson gained little notice in his life, but his songs — quoted by the Rolling Stones, Eric Clapton and Led Zeppelin — helped ignite rock ‘n’ roll.A photo booth portrait of the blues musician Robert Johnson. It was taken around 1930 and is one of two confirmed photographs of him.

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Heritage Cup - Win, Show

First mate

Winners - Cat Boat division

3rd place - Spirit of tradition division

North River 2 on a painted sea

Dallas Murphy - Oceanographic Chronicles

Sunday, September 8, 2019

Saturday, September 7, 2019

Pentecost by Peter Ralston

Pentecost (c) Peter Ralston
A recent survey found that the photograph that captured Maine best is Peter Ralston's Pentecost.  It depicts sheep being towed out to Allen Island on Georges Harbor where a granite cross marks the start of Maine in 1605.

Peter has told his story of that magic day in 1980 and the iconic image.  And that he has available for sail a few artists prints of the master print version of the image. (contact info below) Below is his longtime Island Institute partner Philip Conkling's poem about that day.
Chasing the dory towed by the Port Clyde dragger,
With 12-year old Shannon Stuart on her stern,
The photographer crouches low in the bow
Of the borrowed Aquasport
To record the day’s translucent events,
Which began with hapless penned sheep
In the Post family’s Metinic Island corral,
And imprinted in our feverish minds
By the island lobsterman’s deadpanned line,
“Sheep, yup, one cut below a stone,”
As we proceed to load, one-by-one, 18 shorn sheep
Now shitting a wild green slurry underfoot in the dory
To begin the traverse across Penobscot Bay
For use as cheap lawnmowers
On the newly created Allen Island pastures.
With his partner temporarily at the helm,
The photographer’s sole intention is to get the shot,
f-8 and be there, they say, as he composes the scene
To capture the entirety of this universe in a frame.
“Closer,” he instructs; “Closer!” again he shouts,
And “Closer!!” yet again as the bow of the Aquasport
Rises up over the stern wave of the dory
And cracks her a good one, terrifying the seasick sheep silly.
He did not think the image particularly distinguished,
But what did he know then
Of how that shot would change his life – or mine?
by Philip Conkling
The poem and a very small print of Pentecost are available as a pair thru Ralston Gallery; please inquire if interested.

Ralston Gallery
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RockportME 04856

207 230 7225
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