Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Where Typhoid Mary Lived - North Brother Island in Ruins

North Brother Island is returning to nature.  The Brothers are a narrow gate in the East River near Rikers Island through which all inbound and outbound traffic must pass. The island's longest-running function was as a quarantine facility, so most of the buildings are of a medical nature. This is the Nurses' building, where the island's resident nurses lived. The island famously housed "Typhoid Mary" Mallon, the first carrier in the United States of Typhoid fever.  Now it is a nature reserve - left undisturbed as a stopping point for migrating birds.  Photographer Christopher Payne has been given access by the City.  His shots are beautiful and eerie. - gwc

Quarantine hospital in East River's North Brother Island in Ruins

Payne_NBI_Tuberculosis PavilionPayne_NBI_Beach at Dusk