Friday, February 6, 2009

KB Gallery - Bronze in midwinter light

Khachik Bozoghlian works in bronze.  His K.B. Gallery is down the block and around the corner from us on 181 and Riverside Drive.  I stopped by today 30 minutes before sunset, and got some good images using the midwinter light that Andrew Wyeth loved. For the whole sequence go to my picasa webpage .

K.B. Gallery's website is here

New Hudson River School of Painting - Bennett Vadnais

K.B. Gallery at West 181 St. and Riverside Drive features the oil painting of Bennett Vadnais.

Most of this series of realistic oils are painted at the base of the George Washington Bridge - looking north or south.  The first image is looking north from under the Bridge at low tide. The second image is looking south in low winter light from Linden Terrace, Ft. Tryon Park.   Here is the series

Understimulated? Krugman Lays it on the Line

Over the years we have come to tolerate the polite blather of what passes for policy debate on the Lehrer News Hour, putting the appalling up against the ordinary or the modestly challenging.

Finally we have got a guy who can stand up and slug it out.

It is Nobel Prize winner Paul Krugman.

Check out this debate on MSNBC Morning Joe - Joe Scarborough and Pat Buchanan against Paul Krugman.  Paul Krugman can take a punch and land a punch.