Saturday, September 8, 2012

Prout's Neck - Where Waves Moved Winslow Homer’s Brush -

In Maine, Walking Where Waves Moved Winslow Homer’s Brush -

For the last hundred years or so, the only way visitors could see those cliffs was to stay at the Black Point Inn, the sole hotel on this two-and-a-half mile-promontory. But as of Sept. 25 the public will be able not just to observe the ocean as Homer did, but also to visit the two-story clapboard studio where the artist lived and painted what many consider to be his most majestic works.
This is thanks to the fact that the Portland Museum of Art bought the house six years ago when Homer’s great-grand-nephew decided to sell it. After Homer’s death in 1910 the house was passed down through a series of relatives and ultimately to this nephew, Charles Homer Willauer, who rented it to others for many summers. 

Winslow Homer's cottage

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Tornado at Breezy Point and Gerritsen Beach

New York's "Irish riviera" - Breezy Point at the west end of the Rockaways barrier beach - today was the site of a tornado.  As was Jamaica Bay at Gerritsen Beach.