Monday, August 20, 2018

Blue Heron Stalks the Back River

Today a Blue Heron stalked the Back River behind our house.  There have been few this year.  Their frequent visits in years past led us to call the area behind our house Heron Bend.

Surveying Greenland's northern reaches - Ocean Research Project

Matt Rutherford - founder of Ocean Research Project - first came to my attention as he approached Cape Horn.  The first person to circumnavigate the Americas single-handed and non-stop. 309 days, 27,000 miles.  His story is told in the delightful, even inspiring movie Red Dot on the Ocean.

Having shown himself a master mariner he formed ORP.  Now a NASA grantee they have for the past few years been surveying the northernmost reaches of Greenland.  They do CTD- current, temperature and depth measurements - key raw data NASA scientists need to understand the upwelling warming water that melts glaciers.  The video below tells the story.

VIDEO: (click on it if the play arrow does not display)

Taking measurements on Croker Bay- blog post