Sunday, December 29, 2013

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Snowy Owls at Jones Beach // Carl Safina

Snowy Owls: Carl Safina:
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Every few years an unusual abundance of Snowy Owls starts to show up across the United States in early winter. Probable cause: an unusually high lemming year in the Arctic results in unusually good owl chick survival, then as winter comes the birds drift south in their bid for less brutal weather and continued survival. This is one of those "invasion" years but it's more like an explosion this year! I usually see one snowy owl every few years. Today Pat and I saw one about every 10 minutes, at Jones Beach, Long Island. If you go, easiest thing is to look for birders with tripods and big lenses. Keep your distance and don't disturb the owls. They may be the most magical bird we get--and all birds are magical. - CS

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Woodies: classic motor lifeboats

This is a wood 36 foot former Coast Guard Motor Lifeboat, photographed recently by Will Van Dorp on Staten Island.
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