Thursday, March 26, 2015

Southern Ocean - photo of the day Volvo Ocean RAce

March 26

Navigation Computer (technical post) | Issuma

How he does it...techniques that Richard Hudson has developed in his voyaging.  Argentina, Brasil, labrador, Greenland, the Northwest Passage, Bering Sea, Inside passage, Pacific Coat, Easter island,and now in Puerto Montt, Chile. Where next? South.

Navigation Computer (technical post) | Issuma

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Issuma: Puerto Montt, Chile

A few weeks back Richard Hudson and crew Max made the journey from Easter island to Chile.  About six hundred miles south of Santiago is the city of Puerto Montt. A city of 150,000 it is beautiful now but at 41 S and 73 W it is due south of New York and at comparable latitude.  The weather turns cold and wet soon. Like Irish winter - high of 50 F, low of 38 F is the average in July.  It is at the north end of a great Gulfs of Ancud and Corcovado about 700 miles north of Cape Horn - a landmark I expect Issuma to pass on its way south. - gwc