Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Graymarine Phantom Six - replacing the old engine

Remember, said Garrison Keillor, when you could take the cover off, look inside, and see how things work.  Old engines are like that.  They have grease and gears and valves and hoses and pumps, sparks and circuits you can follow with your eye.  No USB ports, no algorithms.   You'll never put penetrating oil on your hard drive and you'll never have to put any muscle into your laptop.

Fraternal twins
Today - at Jeff's Marine - we pulled out of my 1955 Lyman runabout Grace the old, seized up Graymarine flathead six cylinder 100 and put in a very mint-looking Graymarine Phantom Six - 112.   Very Jersey Shore, as in Bruce's "we're fuel-injected and we're stepping out over the line".  But it has dual carburetors, not fuel injection.   We swapped some parts from old to new and made some adjustments, but mostly the Phantom Six fit right into the bed and connections of the old one.  The drive shaft lines up (almost), the mechanical gear shift linkage fits, the throttle hose  needs some work, and some shimming and grappling remains.  More fun for Jeff and 
Update: it runs!
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Jeff getting down


dropping  the Phantom 6 into the Lyman