Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Jiuzhaigou Valley, Sichuan

Yosemite? No - the Jiuzhai Valley
Sichuan, China

Camping out on Governor's Island - if you arrive by human-powered boat

Special Night for Camping Not Far From City’s Lights -
by Winnie Hu

For one night every July, Governors Island, a 172-acre oasis that was once a military base and is usually open to sightseers only during the day, makes an exception to its no-camping rule for outdoor types who haul their tents and supplies over by canoe, kayak and rowboat (the only other camping on the island is by re-enactors during a Civil War history weekend). About 100 people slept over this year, undeterred by a heat wave and the threat of thunderstorms. Many were repeaters who waited all year to have the island to themselves in a city of eight million.

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Hydrofoil sailing - AC 72s - video

This video explains the essence of "foiling", hydro-foiling that is in the AC 72s - the Americas Cup boats.  I have long explained sailboats as an airplane with one wing in the air and one in the water.  But until now the job of the wing in the water has been to prevent sliding to leeward.  Now it is to lift the boat and stop slipping to leeward.  To prevent a nose dive (a head on crash at highway speeds) you must change the fore-aft tilt angle of the dagger boards (the hydro-foils).  The crew needs those helmets and high tech suits with built-in pfd's. - GWC