Friday, April 6, 2012

Two surviving boats neck and neck near Brazil port

dismasted 60 miles off Uruguay, Groupama is in port for repairs, planning to finish the last 600 miles

Groupama, the French boat held a two mile lead over the American Puma when the carbon fiber mast snapped at the first spreader 10 meters above the deck.  Sixty miles off the coast of Uruguay at the time they headed to Punta del Este.  They'll shorten the rig and head for Itajai Brazil for a hir pace finish.  
Meanwhile Puma leads Telefonica by a mile after 6500 miles!  Two boats have called it quits, and Camper is in port in Puerto Montt, Chile.  They'll head south to Cape Horn in hope of finishing the leg before the Brazil to Miami leg starts!
Race Director and VOR veteran Knut Frostad is concerned about the breakage - an issue for the designers and rule-makers next time around.
UPDATE: Groupama back in the hunt!