Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Ron Terner

Ron Terner: "Rock Memorial by Ron Terner
Updated about a month ago
I came to City Island in 1974; a small town where New England history meets up with the Bronx.
I decided this was where Focal Point Gallery and I would live. Shortly I found my way to an abandoned boat yard called Nevins. This was the favorite fishing and swimming hole for the local kids.

My dog Pandora loved retrieving sticks from the bay while I photographed the kids playing in remnants of the boat yard.

Nevins grounds also turned out to be a rich resource of materials left from it's past famous and thriving days. My back wall in the gallery is made of planks from the docks that used to be out there.
Many years have gone by since then, the space has turned into a park and the local school. P.S.175. The Little league field is there and behind it is still a remnant of what it use to be.

My son Rajeev now 35 and his sister Ruby 10 and current dog Monita all sneak behind the ball field fence to get down to where Nevins once was. This is still our play ground and place of peace

Soon I will be celebrating 40 years of Focal Point Gallery on City Island and August 23 is the third City Island reunion. Looking at the rocks of Nevins and reflecting on a community that has embraced me, I thought I would pay tribute to the people I have photographed and have died since."

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