Friday, February 5, 2010

Sir Ernest Shackleton: have another drink on me

Crates of whisky and brandy unearthed this week from beneath an Antarctic hut used by the polar explorer Ernest Shackleton over a century ago. The hut in Cape Royds, Antarctica, where the explorer Ernest Shackleton spent the winter of 1908 before making a failed attempt to reach the South Pole.
Images: The New York Times

The Times reports that the estimable conservators at the Antarctic Heritage Trust have unearthed frozen treasure of the Austral desert left behind by the great explorers/adventurers who survived against all odds in the failed venture to cross the continent on dog sleds because, well, just, because why the hell bloody not.

And just what the hell would you want as you and your mates neared the last couple of hundred miles of your trek across the frozen continent on dog sleds, but a pause and a case of the best Scotch whisky?  The gentlemen at Whyte & Mackay, distillers of McKinlay's Rare whisky, made sure that Sir Ernest Shackleton and his fellow mushers  would have more than enough to wet their whiskers when they arrived at the supply hut provisioned by their crew on the far side.  Alas the Endurance was crushed in the ice of the Weddell Sea and Shackleton never got to put the dogs ashore.
Image: Frank Hurley

File:Shackleton Endurance Aurora map2.png
Image above: the voyages - as planned and as it happened from Wikipedia. The dark red line is the route of the supply depots laid down en route for the planned arrival of the continent-crossing dog sled teams.