Monday, September 29, 2014

Richard Hudson Underway - Southbound

Hauling the 4,000 lb centerboard, holding 400 gallons
of fuel required a crane
As readers of this blog know Richard Hudson is an intrepid voyager.  After a long stretch in Argentina he headed north and - shorthanded as usual - on his second attempt did the Northwest Passage in 2011.  Traveling via Greenland's west coast, over Baffin Island, down through the archipelago, across the arctic ocean to the Chukchi Sea, and the Bering Sea, then to Dutch Harbor at the west end of the Alaskan Peninsula, about 1,000 miles SW of Anchorage.

After a two year spell for repairs, R&R and replenishment of funds (working in Vancouver), Richard is underway again.  He has landed in San Francisco - heading south.  Far south, I'm sure.  You can follow him HERE.
The Ocean Cruising Club branch in B.C. just gave him the Rambler Award for an outstanding short voyage.  I guess that was Sitka to Vancouver - singlehanded.