Monday, January 5, 2009

1000 days at sea??


I have been a Reid Stowe skeptic.  

When I heard his pitch at a New York maritime event "If we don't think humans can spend 1000 days non stop at sea, how can we expect astronauts to spend 1000 days in a tiny capsule in space?", and saw the girl at his elbow, and saw his unromantic steel schooner Anne at the 23rd St. RR barge - I thought the real objective was to set the Guinness record for man alone at sea with a woman half his age.  And when he set off with novice crew I was sure, but Soanya proved herself game, if not up to the whole voyage, departing off Perth after 300 some days.  

Reid has continued on his own sailing idly across oceans, contemplating the meaning of it all.  Now at New Years 2009, day 618 he was approaching Cape Horn, with tales of gales and repairs, and still dreaming his dreams. 

He may not be much of a philosopher but he's proven he's a hell of a sailor. You can follow his voyage and his musings at


bonnie said...

Hey, are you the George who took these pictures?

George Conk said...

Yes - Rosemary Ruth - Richard Hudson's double ender is a very photogenic boat - and that was a knockout, windy, cold day. - George

bonnie said...

Well, he's making up for it this winter, staying in Argentina, poor guy!

Although actually it does sound like that there was an awful lot that needed to be fixed on the new boat. Sounds like he's taking it all in stride though & what a nice place for a haul-out - a little warmer than Tottenville this time of year.

Anyhow, I'm glad I stumbled across your blog - I'll have to add a link to that post with the pictures.