Saturday, February 21, 2009

Volvo:Qingdao to Rio 6 days out, 30 to go

The fleet (5 of 8 remain) is a few hundred miles north of the Coral Sea angling toward Cape Horn, with an average speed of 16 - 19 knots with 2o knots of wind and six foot swells. Highway speed. Next stop Rio. DTF 9,842 nm for Ericsson 4, the leader.

Here's the data page

And here's the home page.

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Anonymous said...

For the sake of the Volvo Ocean racers in the future, I believe the race boats must be built to a much higher standard of structural integrity. Speed at any cost should never be the prime motivation of design. This race for speed at the loss of strength in construction must stop before lives are needlessly lost in the future of circumnavigation racing.