Sunday, March 29, 2009

A Foggy Day - Part 2 - Rowing to the City Island Bridge

It was a misty day, high of 45 as a big low pressure system moved up the coast. A steady 10-12 mph breeze blew right out of the east. Visibility of 1/4 mile kept me a couple hundred yards off shore as I rowed my 8 foot injection-molded plastic dinghy the mile from City Island YC to the City Island bridge.

I hope the City stays broke for a while - and does not implement the Department of Design & Construction's plan for a modern bridge to replace it. It is a steel swing bridge, rotating on a central pedestal. At least it did. It doesn't open any more.

And I hope they take down that ugly cyclone fence. Why do they want to obstruct fishermen? They do no harm and can be easily found if they get out of hand. They'll be waiting at their favorite spots hoping a fish will bite.

Here is the photostream for the day. It was a landmark: I have rowed my boat at least once in each month of the year!

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