Thursday, January 21, 2010

The Regulars - James & George at breakfast


Credits: below - Manhattan Times; Top: Pete & Luis - waiter and counterman Susan Sermoneta

Minor celebrity has found me.  The Manhattan Times - the local freebie weekly -did a profile of the Greek coffee shop (nee Angela's now Vicky's).  It featured me: the guy who sits in the window seat with his loyal dog staring patiently, waiting.  Most people have commented on Vicky's reference to me as a "souvenir", and an "antique".  She tells me that is because I am valuable.  Hmm.

The Regular - 10 years in the same seat
by Adam Garrett Clark, Manhattan Times 

Every weekday morning for the last 10 years or so a little after 8:30 a.m., George Conk ties up his yellow Labrador Retriever, James, outside Vicky’s Diner on W. 187th Street, takes his usual seat in the corner by the door and has the usual: a bowl of oatmeal, glass of grapefruit juice and a coffee.
The regularity is good for his “Circadian rhythms,” he explains, eating at the same time everyday is healthy for the digestive system. For a long time the waiter, Pete Mousaeakas, knew Conk’s “usual” to be a fried egg, light over easy, on buttered whole wheat toast, but Conk is trying to watch his weight.  
Conk is what owner Vicky Limberis calls one of her “souvenir customers:” he’s like an antique she explains, a historical fixture in the restaurant whose daily appearances predate her taking over the business.
The rest of the story is HERE


Susan said...

What a wonderful story!

Cree said...

Cool article George but it leaves me thinking, is it really oatmeal every day?? Gabriel is looking forward to his next visit so he can have the plate sized waffle with ice cream and whipped cream.

Kathryn said...

I love it! Max was just reading a book about Architectural Sociology that discusses the social drawbacks of high-rises - isolation and no sense of community. I told him you have breakfast every morning at the diner and stay in touch with your community that way!