Saturday, July 31, 2010

Stone's Point 2010

Ulysses, Jesse, Pascale, Olivia, Taisy, Georgia, Tasha, George, Marilyn, Sanaa, Muffy, Nancy, Whiskey, James, Annabel, Michael.    Image by John

George & Georgia
Dramatis personae:
George & Marilyn
Jesse, Pascale and Ulysses
Tasha, Michael, Annabel, Georgia
Muffy & Sanaa
Crew: John
Canines: James, Whiskey, O' B
Cameo: Russ, Ellen, Henry, Jessica
Locations: Stones Point, St. George River, Cushing, Maine;Cushing Rd., Friendship, ME
July 23 - 31, 2010 Slideshow HERE
Mid-Coast Gothic

Pemaquid Oysters

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Sara Peyton said...

Beautiful photos. I love Maine. Glad it looked the weather cooperated with you! Cheers, Sara Peyton