Sunday, September 19, 2010

Indian Harbor Classic Yacht Race - Greenwich

Rosie - a Rosinante

Dave Seroy and I  took North River 2 to Greenwich to the annual Indian Harbor Yacht Club Classic Yacht Regatta. The boats were beautiful and our hosts were gracious.  No one pointed out that mine was the only boat with a thick band of sea grass at the water line.   I had attempted a half-assed belated scrubbing last week but there's no hiding my lack of diligence.  Next year I'll have to hire the Barnacle Buster to scrub the waterline.  Or do it myself.   (click on thumbnails to enlarge)
The highlights for me were, of course, the L. Francis Herreshoff designs.  In addition to my Buzzards Bay 14 - a Sensible Cruising Designs selection - there was the flagship Ticonderoga and the Rosinante's Rosie and Cadenza.  And as part-time residents of Friendship, Maine, the Friendship Sloop Natanya must be mentioned. (full slideshow HERE)
Indian Harbor Yacht Club - house and dock, Greenwich


Natanya - Friendship sloop
North River 2
Natanya - bow
Peter & Margaret Quigley's John Dory crossing our bow
Sonny -stern

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Anonymous said...

Dear George and David,

We were honored to have you with us, and hope you'll join us next year, too. Thanks for sharing these lovely images. Warmest regards, Shelia, Ted and Indian Harbor YC!